Venture Capital

Course Description

This course will cover a range of issues relating to start-up ventures and developmental stage companies. The course will focus on the balancing of competing economic interests among founders, venture capitalists, directors, management, employees, and shareholders. The goal is for students to obtain an understanding of how these varying interests interact in the early stages of the development of a business and how the law attempts to deal with these competing interests. Topics to be covered will include: Choosing the Appropriate Enterprise Entity, Funding the Entity, Venture Investing, Term Sheets, Down-round Financings, Retaining and Motivating Employees, and Exit Strategies. The course will be interdisciplinary and will include issues relating to corporate, securities, tax, and intellectual property laws.

Course Schedule
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Course Information

Course Code: LAW-LW.11652.001 Semester course will be taught: Spring 2013 Type: Course Course Topics: 
  • Contracts and Commercial Law
  • Corporate and Securities Law
  • Transactional and Law and Business
Credits: 2
Prerequisite(s): Corporations Co-requisite(s): None Recommended: Tax If different for LL.M. students, please explain: n/a Mutually Exclusive with: None Is permission of the instructor required to register?

Course Requirements

Credit/Fail Option (For J.D. Students Only) Will this course be available to J.D. students on a credit/fail basis? No
Examination Procedures Will there be an examination in the above course? Yes Examination will be: Take Home Procedure the instructor intends to follow: Full Exam period Exam Period: Paper Option: Are students permitted to write a research paper in lieu of taking an examination in the course? No Will there be a midterm exam in the above course? No
Writing Requirements Is there there a substantial writing option or requirement? n/a

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